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Tax on rights remuneration

All payments of taxable remuneration made by Gyldendal will be declared to the Tax Administration as B-income.

Apart for the remuneration, royalties and guaranties, which you find here on Royaltysite, we also pay other types of fees via Gyldendal's other accounting system. If you receive both types of remuneration, the amount declared to the Tax Administration (to be found at will be higher than the yearly earnings reflected here on the Royaltysite.

What is Stock adjustment/ loss?

Loss is the number of copies damaged or lost.
Stock adjustments reflect if more or fewer copies are found in stock – e.g. if the stock has been manually counted.

Where can I find information about the Closing stock after an ended sales period?

The royalty statement will show the closing stock.

What does Transfer to another number mean?

Primarily it covers sales of printed books to Gyldendal's book clubs.

Which sales figures can be found on the Royaltysite?

Sales figures for books sold to booksellers are usually updated every night. Sales figures for books sold as bulk sales i.e. to supermarkets are updated weekly. Gyldendal receives sales figures for digital formats from our sales channels once a month. Therefore, the sales figures are updated here on the Royalty site during the first or second week every month.

Primarily, we show sales figures for titles for which payment of royalties according to the ongoing sales has been agreed. So please note that we can't show sales figures for titles for which a onetime payment has been agreed on the Royaltysite. This regards among other things the sale of a special production of i.e. an entire printing.

Why can sales figures be negative in January?

For the Christmas sales the booksellers buy a large number of books to ensure sufficient stock. However, after Christmas they return the unsold books to the Publisher.

Why can sales figures be negative for a certain sales period?

In a given sales period for a given title the return of unsold books from some booksellers can represent a higher number than the number of books other booksellers buy. So even if the sales figures are negative it does not mean that there has been no sale. It just means that more books have been returned.

When are sales figures for audio books and e-books available?

Gyldendal receive the digital sales figures for audio books and e-books at the end of each month. This means that the sales figures will be updated during the first 1-2 weeks of the following month.

Explanation of digital sales from the royalty settlement:

Sales = Download
Subscription = Mofibo, Storytel, etc.
Library lending = eReolen, Nota - Danish Library and Expertise Center for people with print disabilities.

What does Remainder sales mean?

If the sales have ceased to have a remunerative effect after a certain sales period, the Publisher will be permitted to remainder any copies remaining by selling the copies at remainder price.

What is Sold at a discount, not a free copy?

It covers the situation where sales to booksellers of a number of books at the normal price are accompanied by a copy free of charge, e.g. for the purpose of introduction of the title. Royalty for the free copy will be calculated according to royalty conditions applicable to normal sales.

What does guarantee mean?

The guarantee amount is the publisher's advance payment on royalties according to the ongoing sales. The guarantee will be deducted from the earned royalty on the royalty statement.

What is Withheld 10%?

When copies of a book are sold with a right for the booksellers to return unsold books, the publisher is entitled to withhold 10 % of the royalties for a given settlement period. Hereby return is taken into account in the way that adjustment of the royalty settlement according to the actual return can be made after the yearly calculation of return.

What is Deduction for binding?

It is a deduction from the royalties, stated in the contract between Gyldendal and the rights owner.

What is Recommended price?

It is the price recommended by the publisher, i.e. what price the booksellers should demand excluding tax.

What is Net price?

It is the actual price for which the book has been sold to the bookseller from the publisher. The net price is exclusive of tax and discount.

What is the definition of Total sales?

Total sales are the total number of copies of a title sold from the date of publication to date.

What is the definition of Total earned royalty?

Total earned royalty is how much royalty in DKK each title has earned from the date of publication to date. This is before guarantee has been deducted.

What is Your royalty share?

It is the percentage paid to you out of the total royalty. If your royalty share reflected on the Royaltysite is not 100 %, it means that more rights owners share the royalty paid by the publisher. Please note also "Royalty rate" below.

What is Royalty rate?

It is the agreed total royalty percentage to be paid by the publisher out of the total earnings for a title. If more rights owners share the royalty for at title, a royalty share for each person will be registered.